BlackRock’s BUIDL Tokenized Fund Attracts $240M, Including $95M from Ondo

Blackrock's BUIDL
BlackRock’s BUIDL Tokenized Fund Attracts $240M

NAIROBI ( – BlackRock’s BUIDL has seen significant interest in its eponymous tokenized fund. The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, BUIDL, focuses on cash, US Treasury bills, and repurchase agreements. Investors receive BUIDL tokens, each valued at $1, representing their share in the fund. These digital tokens can be transferred between validated addresses in approved digital wallets, a process overseen by Securitize, BlackRock’s partner for this investment vehicle.

The fund has attracted a total of $240 million since its launch, including a notable $95 million allocation from decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Ondo Finance. Notably,, BUIDL offers institutional investors exposure to Ethereum through a tokenized format.

BlackRock's BUIDL, BlackRock’s BUIDL Tokenized Fund Attracts $240M, Including $95M from Ondo
Blackrock BUIDL tokenization

The strong demand for BUIDL highlights the growing institutional appetite for cryptocurrency exposure. This comes as major financial players seek to participate in the burgeoning digital asset ecosystem. BlackRock’s move to tokenize Ethereum further solidifies the cryptocurrency’s position as a mainstream investment option.

Blackrock BUIDL’s Winning Formula

Clearly, Blackrock BUIDL’s success likely stems from several factors. Ethereum’s established position as the leading smart contract platform makes it an attractive investment for institutions. Additionally, the tokenized format offers potential advantages over traditional ETF structures, such as enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility.

Moreover, the participation of Ondo Finance, a DeFi protocol specializing in structured products, signals the growing integration between traditional finance and the decentralized ecosystem. Ondo’s investment underscores how sophisticated DeFi players are embracing opportunities presented by regulated, tokenized offerings.

BlackRock’s foray into tokenized funds with BUIDL marks a significant milestone in the convergence of crypto and traditional finance. As more institutional investors explore digital assets, tokenized structures are poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating wider adoption.

Rise of Real-World Assets in Crypto

In addition, CoinGecko’s 2024 RWA Report shows a surge in tokenization, moving beyond stablecoins to encompass real estate, art, and commodities. Moreover, this integration of real-world assets with blockchain relies on oracles and custodians for successful operation. The report pinpoints key trends: USD-pegged assets reign supreme, commodity-backed tokens reach a $1.1 billion market cap, and tokenized treasury products skyrocketed by 641% in 2023.

Above all, these developments indicate a broadening scope of tokenized assets. They provide investors with new opportunities in both traditional and emerging sectors. Clearly, the emphasis on USD-pegged stablecoins, the popularity of gold as a tokenized commodity, and the significant growth in tokenized treasury products reflect the evolving landscape of digital assets. Furthermore, the concentration of private credit in the automotive sector highlights the sector-specific demand within the private credit markets.

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