Blockchain solution provider ByteNext launches AvatarArt, an NFT Marketplace for the creator community

ByteNext launches AvatarArt

The evolution of blockchain technology has transformed the world for the better. It has led to building a strong foundation of modern finance and evolution of NFTs. This promising technology has enabled innovators to create immense value in the crypto space. In the same sense, the recently unfolded ByteNext has reinforced the importance of NFTs by introducing AvatarArt, an unique NFT Marketplace. Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, ByteNext is leading creator of highly applicable products leveraging blockchain technology to solve real-world issues with an expansive approach. 

The spectrum of Blockchain technology and NFTs in broad. ByteNext is launching a revolutionary marketplace for art creators specifically focusing on the painting market. AvatarArt is a unique NFT Marketplace which allows art creators worldwide to transform their artworks into NFTs seamlessly. This will further facilitate participation in virtual exhibitions and public auctions attracting artists around the globe. It primarily aims at tapping into the diversified ecosystem of artists, specifically painters to develop that particular niche. 

ByteNext has recently raised seed, private and strategic funding from leading industry investors and blockchain legos including BlockHunter Capital, Basics Digital, Onebit Ventures, X21 Digital, HC Capital, Andromeda Research, VBC Ventures and others. 

The strong set of investors will add extensive value in terms of guidance, growth and development of the platform. This fresh inflow of capital will be utilized for product development, building a strong robust infrastructure and marketing outreach. 

AvatarArt is an advanced marketplace that envisions a safe-space where creators can easily transform their artworks into NFTs and tokenize them without much of a hassle. 

Redefining the future of NFTs through innovative solutions

Numerous artists have stepped into this rapidly advancing NFTs playgrounds to grab their slice of pie, but now the time has truly come to evolve. With faster developments in the NFT space, groundbreaking technology, interchangeable features and fungibility, the NFT space has created lucrative opportunities for creators, collectors and consumers.  

AvatarArt currently possesses salient attributes such as preserving centers for artworks, 3D virtual reality and augmented reality for virtual exhibitions, NFT transaction mechanism, NFT auctions, intuitive platform for creators, diligence experts and creative artists. 

ByteNext is currently gearing up for their upcoming Initial DEX offering on BSCStation. It has built strong community social channels to educate the community about the impact it is planning to create in the NFT Space. It also aims to onboard artists on its platform to contribute to the overall growth of the platform. 

The project has officially launched its website and whitepaper, describing the tech-infrastructure and overall propositions of the platform. After the launch of its platform, it would be actively working towards driving greater engagement on its platform through strategic partners and company initiatives.These characteristics will take the users’ experience to an increased level fuelling greater adoption. 


ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT marketplace for artists that aims to build up the AvatarArt platform to support art creators worldwide to make their paintings become NFT on Binance Smart Chain, conduct auctions and transactions globally. AvatarArt will bring real-life values to the NFT space and establish storage and preservation centers at certain places. Once any painting piece is verified and stored at the centers, AvatarArt will create NFT for each piece of the art, ensuring its value the same as the real one.

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