Crypto Insiders Are Accumulating This New Crypto Over IOTA and Kaspa, We Find Out Why

Crypto Insiders Are Accumulating This New Crypto (Everlodge ELDG) Over IOTA and Kaspa, We Find Out Why

IOTA and Kaspa have made steady progress throughout 2023, increasing in value while building their ecosystems. With both projects expected to grow significantly over the next year, crypto investors are buying both to expand their portfolios. However, insider information suggests a new crypto project could outperform IOTA and Kaspa. Here’s why. 

IOTA Registers For Abu Dhabi Market Regulations

IOTA recently registered under the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) DLT Foundations 2023 regulations, marking a pivotal moment in crypto regulation. This move is a sign that IOTA looks to work in line with global industry standards, and could help speed up IOTA adoption. 

Over the last month IOTA has seen a 42% increase in its price, and daily trading volume has passed $41 million. This increase has taken IOTA to $0.2703, its highest price in 2023. Should IOTA continue on its bull run, experts believe it could reach $0.3 by the end of December. 

IOTA, Crypto Insiders Are Accumulating This New Crypto Over IOTA and Kaspa, We Find Out Why

Could Kaspa Disrupt The Crypto Market?

In a recent YouTube video on the channel YourPOP, crypto analyst Ahmed praised Kaspa for its growth over the last year. Having already reached $3.2 billion in market cap, Kaspa is one the fastest growing projects in the DeFi space and Ahmed believes bigger things are coming. 

During the next crypto bull run, Ahmed speculates that Kaspa could break into the top 10 crypto rankings, outperforming projects like Litecoin and even Cardano. With a strong technical foundation and thriving community Kaspa is definitely a project to look out for. 

Everlodge Could Simplify Travel Property Ownership 

While hype around Kaspa and IOTA continues to flood the DeFi market, an exciting new project is gaining traction. The project is called Everlodge. Everlodge applies DeFi technology to the travel property market, removing barriers to entry and allowing investors to buy a fraction of a property for as little as $100. 

Using Everlodge investors can purchase NFT fractions representing equity in a property. Properties include luxury villas, holiday homes, and even hotels. Once an investor purchases an NFT they will generate a passive income based on how much of a property they own. Furthermore, if the property increases in value, the value of their NFT will rise with it. 

This unique new concept is unlike anything currently available in the DeFi market and could revolutionize travel property ownership. 

During its presale Everlodge aims to raise $12m for future development and so far it’s ahead of schedule. The Everlodge presale is booming. Having just sold out during phase 7 ELDG tokens have hit a new all-time high of $0.027 and will increase to $0.029 once stage 8 is sold out. 

Given its potential to disrupt one of the worlds fastest growing markets, experts have extremely high hopes for Everlodge. Once launched on Uniswap and 2 Tier-1 exchanges, ELDG tokens are expected to surge a massive 30x, causing crypto insiders to accumulate tokens at record rates. 

For more information about the ongoing Everlodge (ELDG) Presale, please visit their website.

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