Ethereum and Ethena Grow, Borroe Finance Targets the Moon

Ethereum and Ethena Grow, Borroe Finance Targets the Moon

Amidst market fluctuations, Ethereum (ETH) and Ethena (ENA) are growing, while Borroe Finance ($ROE) ambitiously expands with its amazing presale. Ethereum aims to reclaim the $4,000 mark, while Ethena is integrated with major exchange wallets. Let’s explore more about these top crypto coins.


Will ETH Trade Above $4,000?

In March, Ethereum was trading at around $4,000, a multi-year high. Since then ETH has dipped by 14% and was trading around $3,200 in mid-April. A whale has capitalized on this dip and bought over 20,000 ETH since the start of April.

The growing confidence and participation among traders and investors have been seen as bullish signs for Ethereum. Additionally, Ethereum’s rising open interest and futures indicate bullish momentum, which could push ETH towards $4,000.

Experts say Ethereum has resistance at $3,700. Thus it needs to break this level for further gains. ETH also has good support at $3,400. If Ethereum maintains above this level, ETH will trade around $4,000 by the end of 2024.

However, if Ethereum breaks down from the support level, ETH will trade around $3,000. Experts anticipate overall altcoins market growth, including Ethereum, after the Bitcoin halving event.

Ethena Integrates with Major Exchange Wallets

Ethena Labs has announced that its stablecoin protocol is integrated with centralized exchange wallets. These CEX wallets include Binance, OKX, and Bitget. Crypto news reports the integration of Ethena’s stablecoin protocol will be effective from April 10.

Besides, Ethena was trading around $1.40 in mid-April with the crypto market cap of $2 billion. ENA’s price is in a rising wedge pattern, signaling a possible end to its uptrend and a looming correction.

Experts say if Ethena drops below $1.30 then ENA could see a correction to $0.85. They added that ENA is in an overbought zone and might consolidate for a while. Thus, ENA will trade above $1.05 by the end of April.

However, if Ethena holds above its support zone, then, ENA could trade above $1.50 by mid-2024. Experts are optimistic about the ENA price prediction. Amid these, a new blockchain ICO$ROE has caught attention with its amazing presale ROI.

Borroe Finance Enters Final Presale Stage

Borroe Finance is revolutionizing Web3 with its AI-powered funding marketplace. It enables Web3 businesses to transform future invoices into immediate cash by minting it and selling it as NFTs. This will help to solve liquidity issues faced by Web3 businesses and content creators.

Moreover, Borroe Finance offers an efficient, secure, and automated process for raising funds. Borroe Finance is currently in the last stage of the presale. In Stage 5, $ROE tokens are priced at $0.02. Reports suggest that $ROE tokens will be listed at $0.025 in a DEX (decentralized exchange).

This raise will offer 25% profit to new investors. Early-stage investors have already earned over 100% profit and they are excited for 150% gains to be realized after the launch. Experts say $ROE is in bullish momentum.

In addition, Borroe Finance has already sold over 283 million $ROE tokens and raised over $3.68 million. This has created a fear of missing out environment among investors. Experts say $ROE will offer huge ROI in the near future.

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