iMessage Zero-Day Exploit, Apple Users Warned by Trust Wallet of Potential Threat

iMessage Zero-Day Exploit
iMessage Zero-Day Exploit, Apple Users Warned

NAIROBI ( – Crypto wallet provider Trust Wallet has urgently warned Apple users to disable their iMessage app in response to an iMessage zero-day exploit. This alert is based on “credible intel” regarding a zero-day exploit that could let hackers control iPhones without user interaction. The potential exploit specifically targets the iMessage system, posing a significant security threat.

iMessage Zero-Day Exploit, iMessage Zero-Day Exploit, Apple Users Warned by Trust Wallet of Potential Threat
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Trust Wallet’s CEO, Eowyn Chen, reports that their security team and partners detected a $2 million zero-day exploit for sale on the dark web. This exploit, if exploited, could potentially give hackers complete control over targeted iPhones through the iMessage app.

iMessage Zero-Day Exploit: The Skepticism Surrounding the Warning

The Trust Wallet iMessage zero-day exploit warning has been met with skepticism from some in the crypto industry. Beau, a pseudonymous blockchain researcher, questioned the credibility of the intel, stating that the screenshot shared by Chen was not sufficient evidence.

“If this is your ‘credible intel,’ it’s embarrassing. You don’t have evidence of an iOS exploit; you have a screenshot of a guy claiming to have an exploit,” Beau said in response to the alert.

Foobar, a crypto analyst, also expressed concerns about the warning’s potential to cause users unnecessary panic.

Trust Wallet Defends Its Position

In response to the skepticism, Trust Wallet has defended its warning, citing information from its security team and partners. The firm has emphasized that this threat is not limited to its users but is a broader concern for the crypto industry.

“Please note; this risk is not only to Trust Wallet users; it is crypto-wide,”

The Trust Wallet warning coincides with Apple’s recent emergency security updates to address two iOS zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in last month’s iPhone attacks.

Security researchers at Kaspersky have also noted that hackers have previously used the iMessage application as an attack vector.

The Trust Wallet warning comes amid growing concerns about cybersecurity in the blockchain industry. Just last month, cybersecurity firm Halborn reported a significant risk. They claimed over 280 blockchain networks were vulnerable to zero-day exploits, potentially endangering more than $25 billion in crypto assets.

Additionally, Apple recently issued emergency security updates. These addressed two iOS zero-day vulnerabilities actively exploited in iPhone attacks. This underscores the ongoing battle against such threats and the importance of swift action to mitigate potential risks.

In light of these concerns, Trust Wallet has recommended that Apple users immediately disable the iMessage app on their devices until Apple releases a security patch.

“To guard against this iMessage exploit, disable iMessages ASAP until Apple patches it. Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> toggle iMessage off. Maintain this precaution until Apple issues a security patch. Your security is our priority,”


The Trust Wallet warning underscores the crypto industry’s ongoing cybersecurity challenges. It highlights the need for proactive measures to protect user funds. As the industry evolves, collaboration among wallet providers, security researchers, and companies like Apple is essential. This teamwork is crucial for protecting the ecosystem from new threats.

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