Is Vitalik Buterin Funded by China’s Communist Party? Hmmm…

Key Takeaways:

  • Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin has been connecting to Wanxiang Lab since 2015.
  • Buterin was previously listed as a chief scientist at Wanxiang.
  • An analyst named ‘BoringSleuth’ posits that the connection goes “much deeper.”
Is Vitalik Buterin Funded by China's Communist Party? Hmmm...
Is Vitalik Buterin Funded by China’s Communist Party? Hmmm…

YEREVAN ( — Vitalik Buterin has involuntarily come in the middle of a ridiculous US-China spy network rumor.

Some Twitterati, primarily and ironically called ‘BoringSleuth,’ has established links between the Ethereum co-founder and a China-based crypto research firm, dubbed Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, using a US-based company Prometheum Labs.

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs partly owns Prometheum, a firm that supports the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) strict stance toward the crypto sector. Interestingly, the SEC has granted an operating license to Prometheum, with chairman Gary Gensler exemplifying it as a model crypto company.

How Wangxiang Ties To Prometheum

In 2018, as stated in an SEC filing, Prometheum forged a strategic partnership and joint development agreement with Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain. However, the partnership between Prometheum and Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain ended in October 2021.

As revealed in written testimony by Kaplan, a representative of Prometheum, prepared for the House Financial Services Committee. Kaplan highlighted that after a year of collaboration, it became evident that the joint development venture was not sustainable.

The Way How Vitalik Buterin Connects To Prometheum

Originally, Buterin’s connection to Prometheum traces its way back to 2015. In 2015, then-CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Feng Xiao formed a connection with Buterin and purchased $500,000 worth of ETH. This fund helped Buterin to fund his projects.

Furthermore, Buterin actively participated as a guest speaker at Blockchain Week 2016, an event organized by the Ethereum Foundation and Wanxiang. Notably, during that time, Buterin held the position of chief scientist at Wanxiang, as described by the organizers.

Moreover, Buterin is also listed as a co-founder of the non-profit on Facebook.

Crypto Karens are Not Happy with Vitalik ‘Red’ Buterin

The main fear behind the paranoia regarding this triple connection is that Prometheum could be secretly funded by the Communist Party Of China (CCP). In the American frame of mind, any mention of CCP raises discussion. Crypto analyst and investigator BoringSleuth states the connection between this triad is deepen than it seems.

The analyst claims that a complex scheme of funding goes all the way back to Wanxiang Labs, Buterin, and Chinese officials that eventually connect its way to Prometheum. The analyst states this directly threatens US democracy and introduces bad actors inside the US crypto markets.

Furthermore, BoringSleuth calls Prometheum a threat to the US and calls out the sincerity of this triad connection in the first place. Moreover, the analyst claims he has on-chain evidence that Prometheum owns a wallet address titled “KILLTRUMp.eth.”

Lastly, BoringSleuth claims that he has all the documentation necessary to prove the address belongs to the Prometheum team.

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