Mailchain integrates top-level Web3 domain service, Freename, into its Web3 email platform

Mailchain, the company building the new communication layer for Web3, adds support for Freename top-level domains (TLD) and subdomains to its secure web3 email inbox. Freename domain owners can now communicate directly using their blockchain-minted domains in the end-to-end encrypted email platform.

Digital identities and naming services are foundational to a user’s Internet experience and shape how people communicate online. But the current ownership model makes it difficult for users to own these domains and identities without relying on a third party. As Web3 unlocks new opportunities for users to own their data, Freename makes it possible to own a blockchain-based TLD outright and create domains.

, Mailchain integrates top-level Web3 domain service, Freename, into its Web3 email platform

Fig. 1. Freename releases Web3 emails

Mailchain’s email solution is built for easy, secure, and organized Web3 communication. The end-to-end encrypted platform is built for individuals and companies to communicate with their digital identities. Through Mailchain’s Freename integration, anyone can privately send email and messages with their Freename domain name. Users can create an inbox, register the wallet address the domain resolves to, and message other blockchain wallets, directly.

Resembling traditional email functionality, Mailchain is web3 webmail, created for users to seamlessly organize their Web3 activities and communication, and operates with no charge or gas fees. Users can add multiple blockchain wallets and digital identities to send and receive messages in a unified, private inbox.

Freename empowers users to take control of their Web3 identities and mint domains under a TLD. With Mailchain, anyone can use their domain to communicate privately, domain-to-domain and wallet-to-wallet. 

“Web3 identities will underpin how people communicate and interact online” says Tim Boeckmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Mailchain. “Integrating a top level domain service like Freename empowers users to own and control how they express themselves, and how their identity is used. It is a big step forward in bringing new users to Web3.”

“We are proud to partner with Mailchain, who are bringing real value to Web3 users,” says Davide Vicini, CEO of Freename. “Freename is all about delivering user-owned Web3 Domains and TLDs with utility, so enabling our users to message easily through Mailchain signals a new way for them to connect and build their identity.”

About Mailchain

Mailchain is the new communication layer for Web3. With one simple, elegant inbox, users can send and receive private messages using public blockchain addresses. Teams and individuals can receive notifications about their on-chain activity and communicate with any identity, on any protocol. Projects, DAOs, exchanges, and protocols integrating Mailchain can directly communicate with their users, wallet-to-wallet. For more information, please visit

About Freename

Freename is the leading Web3 TLDs and Domains platform where users can register and mint their own Web3 TLDs and Domains. Everyone can also get Royalties: if you’ve secured Royalties on your TLDs, every time other users buy a domain on your TLD, you will be accredited 50% of the value of that domain. In a nutshell, every user can become a Registrar. Furthermore, on Freename, users can trademark their Web3 TLDs and Domains to protect their own Web3 Identity worldwide. To learn more, please visit


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, Mailchain integrates top-level Web3 domain service, Freename, into its Web3 email platform

, Mailchain integrates top-level Web3 domain service, Freename, into its Web3 email platform

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