Mickey Mouse NFT collection Announced by Disney & VeVe

Mickey Mouse NFT collection Announced by Disney & VeVe
Mickey Mouse NFT collection image from medium.com

Key Mickey Mouse NFT Takeaways:

  • Media conglomerate Disney dropped an Mickey Mouse NFT collection called “Steamboat Willie” on VeVe on Dec 22.
  • The entertainment giant jumped on the NFT bandwagon before the Disney+Day.

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) – Disney announced its Mickey Mouse NFT collection in collaboration with the VeVe NFT platform. The company did not choose the NFT collection name accidentally. “Steamboat Willie” was the synchronized sound cartoon and the first cartoon featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse. Released almost a hundred years ago, in 1928, Steamboat Willie gave a start to what became a $93 billion worth global corporation.

The NFT collection sought to honor Micky’s impact and heritage. As Mr. Disney said: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.” Disney released the collection on the VeVe NFT platform, an app developed by technology company ECOMI. The app was the first to feature Disney NFT, as well as collections from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Pixar.

Disney's Mickey Mouse NFT collection, featuring Steamboat Willie.
Disney’s Mickey Mouse NFT collection, featuring Steamboat Willie. Source: medium.com

The collection in question features Steamboat Willie himself, behind the steamboat wheel, a ‘Jaunty Jig’ figure, dancing on the ship, and others. The collection also includes Blind Boxes. As evident from the name, the boxes won’t reveal their content until users pay for them.

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In hindsight, Disney joined the NFT craze on Disney + Day in November.

VeVe Disney NFT release ahead of Disney Day

Taking a step back, Disney’s VeVe adventure didn’t start with Mickey. It began in June 2021, when VeVe signed a deal with Marvel (Disney has owned Marvel Entertainment since 2009). Disney’s own first VeVe NFT release commenced in November 2021, ahead of Disney Day in early December.

The company released its “Golden Moments” NFT collection on VeVe to commemorate Disney+Day. It featured “some of the most beloved characters and icons from the franchises featured on Disney+” and portrayed golden statues of those characters.

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It’s high time to clarify: Disney Day, the first Monday of each December, celebrates Walt Disney and his contribution to animation. Disney + Day, on the other hand, was an initiative organized by Disney company on Nov 12, the day when streaming service Disney+ first launched in 2019.

Disney company hinted at more VeVe NFT collections to come.

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