NBA Top Shot Collector Rejects $1 Million Offer For Zion Williamson NFT

NBA Top Shot Collector rejects $1 million dollar offer fo Zion Williamson NFT

NBA Top Shot collector “jerlevine” turned down the first $1 million offer for his #1 Jersey Match S1 Holo Zion Williamson NFT.

The token is of “legendary” rarity and was originally purchased for $100,000 on Jan. 25. Cards with low serial numbers and those that match a player’s jersey tend to be worth more.

With Zion Williamson’s jersey number being #1, cards featuring him and his jersey-matching serial number are extra valuable.

Zion Williamson NFT isn’t the only player whose card has fetched high prices on Dapper Labs’ blockchain. Some tokens depicting Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James have sold for as much as $200,000.

Since launching as a beta in October, NBA Top Shot has grown to unprecedented levels. It’s an online marketplace that allows basketball fans to purchase rare “moments” portraying players and highlights.

NBA Top Shot has become so popular that Dapper Labs is currently restricting how many new accounts can be created on the platform. There additionally are limitations in place on how often a user can list and delist a card.

In the few months it has been live, collectors have stockpiled millions worth of NFTs. A collector named “Pranksy” started off with a $600 initial investment and has since turned that into a $7 million collection of NBA Top Shot highlights.

Moreover, the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted collector Michael Levy. Who spent $175,000 on a collection that is now worth roughly $20 million.

“We knew this was rocket fuel. The thing that surprised me is how quickly mainstream basketball influencers adopted it.” Said Roham Gharegozlou, chief executive of Dapper Labs.

Rob Gronkowski capitalizing on NBA Top Shot craze by auctioning his own NFT collection

NFL star Rob Gronkowski has partnered with NFTs marketplace OpenSea to release five digital trading cards featuring Super Bowl moments. The NFTs will feature Gronkowski’s career highlights and are designed by visual arts studio Black Madre.

“With the rapid success of NFT’s across platforms like NBA Topshop and Opensea. I wanted to take the business into my own hands and be the first professional athlete to launch my own NFT collection.” Gronkowski said in a press release.

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