Online Blockchain Brings Rocky Horror to Bitcoin for Show’s 50th Anniversary

, Online Blockchain Brings Rocky Horror to Bitcoin for Show’s 50th Anniversary

This Halloween, Online Blockchain plc – in collaboration with OrdinalsBot – launches its first limited-edition Bitcoin Ordinals collection dedicated to celebrating 50 years of The Rocky Horror Show. 

  1. 50 unique digital collectibles on Bitcoin blockchain 
  2. Design of each Bitcoin Ordinal reflects the vibrant, flamboyant and iconic aesthetic of The Rocky Horror Show
  3. The digital artefacts are all inscribed with a unique identifier guaranteeing exclusivity  

Collectors of rare digital assets and Rocky Horror fans can celebrate the cult classic’s enduring legacy and be part of the narrative by owning a digital artefact from the collection. Anyone can mint one (or more) pieces for 0.005 BTC – approximately $170 – from the dedicated mint page:
OrdinalsBot then inscribes each minted piece onto a Satoshi – the smallest unit of Bitcoin – and sends the next available asset to the minter.

The collection is limited to just 50 Bitcoin Ordinals with each including exclusive, eye-catching artwork that pays homage to the show’s rich history making them a highly sought-after digital collectible. Each Ordinal is securely stored and transferable, providing a tangible and verifiable asset to its owner, and is certified to ensure its exclusivity and authenticity so that quality and provenance are guaranteed. OrdinalsBot, which recently raised $1 million in seed funding, is the premier automated Bitcoin inscription service in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. 

Ordinals, like NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are digital assets built on blockchain technology, but they have unique features that differentiate them from traditional NFTs. Each Ordinal has a unique and distinguishable numerical value in contrast to the randomness or arbitrary nature of most NFTs. This uniqueness can be attractive to collectors who value the order and rarity of their assets. Find out more about Ordinals here:

“These Bitcoin Ordinals represent a fusion of art, technology and entertainment and will appeal to both blockchain enthusiasts and fans of The Rocky Horror Show,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “We’re looking forward to bringing more hyper rare collections and building out the functionality that the audience wants; after all Rocky is all about audience participation.”  

Don’t miss your chance to own a unique and limited piece of pop culture history. Visit: today to secure your place in this exclusive 50th-anniversary celebration.  

Other The Rocky Horror Show NFTs collections can be viewed here:

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About The Rocky Horror Show NFTs 

With 50 years of history, The Rocky Horror Show is a cultural icon and global phenomenon, which transcends generations, geography and sexual ideology. It is the pinnacle of freedom, fun, individuality, diversity and non-conformity; concepts that resonate well with the Web3 community. The whimsical world the show encapsulates continues to fascinate, captivate and titillate half a century after its debut; this fandom will evolve and flourish in the Web3 space.

The Rocky Horror Show NFTs – as part of a wider planned metaverse – have the potential to bring a new multimillion global Web2 cohort of Rocky Horror fans to the inclusive and thrilling playground that is Web3.

About Online Blockchain Plc

Online Blockchain PLC (LSE: OBC) is a UK-based incubator driving cutting-edge research and development in internet and information-based technologies for the next generation of customers. Established in 1996, OBC has remained at the forefront of the internet evolution, incubating successful online games and creating ADVFN, the leading global financial news platform for retail investors, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Led by a visionary team with over two decades of pioneering experience in technology, Online Blockchain focuses on technical innovation in the blockchain and AI space. The company’s notable achievement includes the creation of Umbria Network, a widely acclaimed cross-chain bridge for digital assets.

For more information, visit:

, Online Blockchain Brings Rocky Horror to Bitcoin for Show’s 50th Anniversary

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