Polkadot Completes First Successful Cross-Chain Message Passing

The Plasm Network successfully completed a cross-chain message with Acala on Polkadot and Kusama’s parachain testnet, Rococo. The project launch was made possible by xtoken. Which was developed by Acala network to be used between the Kusama and Polkadot parachains. 

Despite developers’ concerns about potential glitches when plans for this testnet launch were originally laid out, it did nothing to dissuade investors. Immediately following the announcement of the proposed launch, Polkadot rose 15% towards a new all-time high. While Kusama’s price also saw a 70% rise.

This development will improve multichain interoperability by lowering transaction costs for all users. Developers tendency to be able to send messages between blockchains holds tremendous potentials for the entire industry. It is also crucial for the future of cross-chain operations.

Plasm Network Explain The Process

Plasm explained the process that went into the successful transfer. “Aleksandr Krupenkin, lead engineer at Plasm, found some issues with XCM on Rococo. Aleksandr submitted a PR and his pull request was merged by Parity.”

“After that, we used XCMP-lite on Rococo to make a transfer to Acala. We believe that XCMP is one of the most fundamental components of Polkadot.”

At this point is when xToken was introduced into the equation. “After the initial testing phase, we implemented the XTokens pallet, which is used in the Plasm parachain’s runtime. The next rightful step was to do a live XCMP-lite test on Rococo with the Acala parachain, Mandala.”

Polkadot Community Will Decide Next Upgrade

Polkadot recently announced that the Polkadot community itself will decide the next upgrades and features that will be added to the network. They also noted that Kusama multichain network will be used as a supplementary “proving ground” for future parachains.

Acala Plans Crowd Sourcing Event

Acala also has plans on holding separate crowdsourcing events for both KSM and Polkadot.

Plasm called the successful message “another great milestone for the entire ecosystem”. While also adding that they “are ready to test XCMP-lite with other Polkadot ecosystem teams!!!”


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