Sparklo (SPRK) revolutionizes investments in precious metals with the introduction of fractionalized NFTs

Sparklo (SPRK) revolutionizes investments in precious metals with the introduction of fractionalized NFTs

Investors and traders are consistently looking for new ways in which they can begin diversifying their portfolios in order to balance the losses experienced from other areas. For example, the inflation rates have been some of the highest in recent history, and some centralized banks even collapsed. 

There is a high level of distrust in traditional, centralized financial institutions and FIAT currencies. However, aside from looking at cryptocurrencies, investors have also been eyeing precious metals. Today, we will go over Sparklo to see how it will stand out.

Precious Metals And Their Role As a Hedge For Fighting Inflation

Gold and silver have historically been used by millions of people globally as a store of value and as a hedge against inflation. This is mainly because their value will typically increase when the value of FIAT currencies decreases due to inflation occurring.

By owning gold, users also own a physical asset of value that can be exchanged for money at any point in time, and this comfort is what drives them toward the investment class. 

However, historically, buying precious metals has been a challenge, either due to the high cost associated with it or because it is difficult to get in some areas of the world.

How Sparklo (SPRK) Brings Innovation To The Industry

Sparklo will be a platform that aims to offer a solution to both of the above-mentioned issues surrounding the purchase of precious metals.

Through Sparklo, anyone will gain the opportunity to make investments in silver, gold, and platinum, and each investment will result in the creation of a non-fungible token (NFT).

This NFT would then get fractionalized, and whenever a user invests in them, they will have a specific amount of ownership or a fraction of a real-world asset in the form of silver, gold, or platinum.

If they manage to buy the entire NFT or have 100% ownership over it instead of just a fraction, they can get it delivered anywhere at the location of their choosing.

The Best Way To Get Into Sparklo (SPRK) and Diversify Your Portfolio

Analysts and industry experts predict that the value of the SPRK token can increase by 4,000% due to the increased interest in precious metals and the overall growth of the blockchain industry.

Investors have been flocking toward the project at its presale price of $0.015 as a result of this. InterFi Network audited the project. Additionally,  Sparklo’s liquidity will be locked for 100 years.

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