Top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022 revealed

Key Takeaways:

  • The list of top 10 Celebrity NFT portfolios is out
  • Snoop Dogg leads the list, which mostly has popular faces from the music industry
  • Others on the list include Justin Bieber, Madonna, Steve Aoki and Logan Paul
Top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022 is out, with Snoop Dogg heading the list, followed by Steve Aoki, among other big names
A recent study revealed the top celebrity NFT portfolio holders. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

YEREVAN ( — Snoop Dogg has become one of the most vocal artists to back nonfungible tokens (NFTs). As a result, the famous singer now has the highest valued portfolio among the top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios.

A recent report from CMC Markets, which studied data from analytics website DappRadar and NFT marketplace Rarible, ranked stars based on their portfolio values.

To formulate the list, the company referred to the value of the recent NFT sales by the wallets held by the celebrities. Surprisingly, 60% of the stars come from the music industry. 

The study also concluded that Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) from Yuga Labs is the most popular blue-chip NFT collection. It has since become the project of choice for many A-listers to venture into space.

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Snoop Dogg has the most valuable NFT portfolio among stars 

Popular American singer Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known by his stage name Snoop Dogg, is not a new name in crypto. 

His massive collection includes his iconic APE #6723 from the BAYC project. In addition, he recently partnered with another Grammy-Award-winning singer Eminem at the ApeFest 2022 to release a new music video titled From The D 2 The LBC’. 

As CoinChapter had earlier reported, Eminem also has a BAYC NFT. He shelled over $450,000 for Ape #9055, which bore a stark resemblance to his image.

In September of 2021, Snoop Dogg revealed that he was the person behind the popular NFT account Cozomo de’ Medici on Twitter. One of this account’s wallets also has many A-listed tokens, including a few Crypto Punks. 

Besides Crypto Punks and Bored Apes, the rapper’s collection also includes Meebits, and Moonbirds, both of which have large dedicated communities. 

The study estimates Snoop Dogg’s NFT collection worth $4.63 million. In addition, his last sale crossed $1.2 million, placing him at the top of the list. 

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Steve Aoki is on the list of celebrity NFT portfolios

American DJ Steve Aoki is the next famous personality on the list of top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022. According to the report, his collection is worth about $903,000. Moreover, his recent sale was valued at $484,000.

His NFT wallet reveals he holds several BAYC Apes, a CryptoPunk, at least 3 Moonbirds, 4 Azukis, and 10 Mutant Apes, among others. 

Top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022 is out, with Snoop Dogg heading the list, followed by Steve Aoki, among other big names
Steve Aoki’s list of Ape NFTs placed him on the list of Top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022. Credit: OpenSea

Madonna shelled big bucks for NFTs 

Another American singer, songwriter, and actress making headlines in the NFT world is Madonna. 

Earlier this year, CoinChapter reported that the pop star had joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club. In March, she shelled about $470,000 or 80 ETH for Ape #4988. 

The artist featured on the World of Women Billboard owns two NFTs from the collection. She also made a stage appearance at the World Of Women NFT.NYC party last month. 

With a recent sale of $324,000 and a portfolio valued at $215,490, Madonna is ranked three on the top 10 celebrity NFT portfolio holders. 

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Travis Barker cuts.

Travis Barker, the musician and drummer for the rock band Blink-182, joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club in January 2022. He purchased Ape #7765 for 77.77 ETH or around $241,000. 

While the purchase earned him the fourth position on the list, his portfolio value is down to around $173,000. Moreover, his Ape is back on the market and is priced at 109.69 ETH or about $128,000. 

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Paris Hilton is on the top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios list

An NFT celebrity list would be complete without Paris Hilton. The long-time NFT promoter is among the famous singers flaunting a list of blue-chip tokens. 

As CoinChapter revealed in January, the pop star holds Ape #1294 from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Fortune magazine also ranked her No 7 in the Top 50 most influential builders, creatives, and influencers on NFT the scene.

With a portfolio worth about $453,700 and a recent sale of nearly $215,000, she bags the 5th spot on the list. 

Besides collecting NFTs, she has also launched her collections, notably the animated series Past Lives, New Beginnings.

NFT industry’s star Logan Paul grabs the 6th spot

Logan Paul, a YouTuber with a large fan following, is a darling among crypto circles. He is an ardent advocate of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. 

He owns several NFTs, including from top collections such as CryptoPunks and World Of Women (WOW).

While his celebrity NFT collection is valued at nearly $979,000, his most recent sale of around $200,000 places him in the 6th spot on the list. 

Dave Chappelle brings his Ape to the list

American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle has also found himself mentioned on the list. His portfolio, which includes Bored Ape #8343 and Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs, is worth approximately $263,000. 

Albeit with a humble collection, he was able to appear among the top NFT celebrities. 

Sport gets represented on the list through Von Miller

Sports personality and American Football star Von Miller has ensured sports gets a mention on the list. The Buffalo Bills outside linebacker holds Bored Ape #1432 and Bored Ape #4733. He holds Mutant Apes, Mutant Serum, CLONE X, and World of Women, among others. 

Top 10 celebrity NFT, Top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios in 2022 revealed
Von Miller’s Ape Collection. Credit: OpenSea

Justin Bieber comes to the party 

Earlier this year, CoinChapter reported the unexpected entry of pop star Justin Bieber into the BAYC family. The megastar paid a whopping $1.3 million for Bored Ape #3001.

With a collection that includes  Doodles, Mutant Apes, CloneXs, CyberKongz, and World of Women, it is not surprising to see him on the list. 

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Post Malone closes the list of top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Austin Richard Post, better known as Post Malone, is the 10th name on the list. 

He purchased one of his BAYC NFTs, APE #961, for 75 ETH. Back then, it was above $330,000.

Besides, he also grabbed Ape #9039 for 85 ETH or over $360,000. So he paid more than $734,000 for both Apes. 

His last sale, which was $154,000, has earned him a spot on the list of top 10 celebrity NFT portfolios. 

However, one should mention that nonfungible tokens have caught people’s imagination. As a result, several other sports, cinema, business, and arts celebrities have joined the industry. 

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