HUH token price declining despite Uniswap listing; scam after all?

HUH token price declining despite Uniswap listing; scam after all?
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Key Takeaways:

  • Utimeme HUH token price declined steadily over the previous month.
  • Decentralized exchange Uniswap listed HUH token, but didn’t effect the outpour of scam accusations.

YEREVAN ( – HUH coin is the newest addition to the nonsense rise of the meme coin culture. 2021 was the year of several meme coin success stories, with traders making fortunes off coins like Dogecoin and its spinoff Shiba Inu.

However, the meme coin culture is not likely to subside any time soon, with more hype-driven cryptos emerging regularly. For example, HUH made headlines in the previous month, as traders couldn’t agree on whether to call HUH token scam or admit its utility.

HUH coin calls itself the “utimeme” and claims to provide utility alongside its meme-coin status.

The project has grandiose plans to be listed on at least 100 crypto exchanges in 2022. But the HUH token price didn’t get the memo, as it has kept sliding down consistently since late December. The digital asset traded at $0.000034 in the New York session Tuesday, after plunging 86% in a month.

HUH token price declining.
HUH token price declining. Source:

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Despite the avalanching price, the token was listed on Uniswap on Jan 7.

HUH token now available on Uniswap

The project announced the listing on Jan 7. However, instead of positive feedback, the HUH coin team met a tide wave of rightful negativity. Many users called out HUH for being a scam and mentioned their still missing tokens after the presale.

The team replied only a handful of complaints and didn’t actually attempt to solve the problem.

Moreover, the project claims that HUH coin price is not of primary importance, as the HUH token is a part of the MetHUH, a metaverse platform.

Our dream is a decentralized metaverse where everyone gains from the data they generate. The data generated by engagement, be it information, opinion, images, sound or another form of self-expression generates value for the influencers and individuals, because all data creates influence, and HUH believe that influence is a currency to be shared for the greater good, not just sold for profit.

reads the whitepaper.

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“Profit” is something many early investors missed, and the project team doesn’t seem to worry much about the swarm of disappointed customers. However, the community on both sides of the opinions spectrum is keen to see how HUH fairs in 2022.

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HUH token, HUH token price declining despite Uniswap listing; scam after all?

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