HUH token prices fall as complaints from disgruntled buyers rise

HUH token claims to be legit, but buyers are still facing problems.
HUH token claims to be legit, but buyers are still facing problems. Image from Twitter

Key HUH Token Takeaways:

  • HUH token price have falled over 11% since Dec 20.
  • The team behind HUH announced listing on two crypto exchanges.
  • However, user complaints continue to grow.

NEW DELHI ( — HUH coin claims to be the next big meme token with utility, a utimeme token, but its problems continue.

Launched on Dec 6, HUH token price rose nearly 1,000% in the first couple of days after hitting the market. However, the token has since been on a decline, losing almost 45% of its value in the process. Nevertheless, given the token’s rise, it seems HUH token team’s aggressive social media marketing has succeeded.

HUH token seems to have found support near the $0.0001 price level. Meanwhile, reclaiming the $0.0002 price level seems to be the next challenge for the HUH token. HUH prices are currently falling, with a relative strength index rebounding from oversold levels.

RSI for HUH is currently 34.19.

HUH coin prices hourly chart with RSI.
HUH coin hourly chart with RSI. Source:

HUH token needs to take many steps to establish its credibility. CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko recently listed the token.

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HUH aims to be available for trade on at least 100 exchanges in 2022, including KuCoin, Bitmart, Hotbit, Bibox, etc. It has already taken steps in that direction, securing BitForex and Uniswap listings. BitForex listed HUH on Dec 20 as HUH/USDT trading pair.

Furthermore, HUH announced that Uniswap will launch the HUH token on Jan 6, 2022. The listings give the “utimeme” token some breathing space after its social media channels flooded with people calling it a scam. The angry tweets could be a problem for the HUH team, considering it hired 3,000 influencers to increase its social media presence.

HUH’s Coin Woes Continue

The team behind HUH released a statement on Twitter last week, clarifying certain issues currently plaguing the token, including ‘proper rewards for presale investors.

The statement promised to airdrop exclusive rare NFTs for all presale members. In hindsight, presale investors are buyers who invested in the project before the launch of its token. These investors would receive a unique NFT to access exclusive perks and entry into the HUH ecosystem.

Excerpt from HUH's announcement. Image from Twitter
Excerpt from HUH’s announcement. Image from Twitter

The HUH dev team has lined up Jan 31 as the launch date for NFT Airdrop. Furthermore, the HUH team also burnt nearly 20% of its entire Dev wallet, starting Dec 17. The remaining 80%, the HUH dev team said, were burnt on Monday after its BitForex listing.

If this doesn’t show you our great intention and the FUD [related to HUH being a scam] continues, then the project will burn. It is your choice and the ball is in your court now. We hope HUH Nation can rise for this triumphantly and become top 10 within the next 6 months.

HUH Token Team

The burn event aims to remove 44.4 billion tokens, nearly 5% of its total supply, which, HUH hopes, would create a pump. However, HUH’s earnest announcement was marred by customers complaining of not receiving their presale tokens yet.

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A Benjamin Cashe commented that he was banned from HUH’s telegram channel for asking about his presale tokens. “My confidence in this project and team could not be lower,” he said. Moreover, other comments were not very kind either, with one Twitter user saying the token is a scam.

Another user pointed out that the announcement did not provide clear information on when the presale investors would get their tokens. Instead, the announcement offers NFTs as compensation for the presale investors without mentioning any plans to release their tokens.

At the time of writing, the HUH coin was trading at $0.00015, down 9.55% on the day, as per Nomics.

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HUH token, HUH token prices fall as complaints from disgruntled buyers rise

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