LUNA Coin Price Analysis: Bearish Caveat Ahead, Amid Terra’s Growing TVL

LUNA Coin Price Analysis: Bearish Caveat Ahead, Amid Terra's Growing TVL
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Key Terra LUNA coin price takeaways:

  • Stablecoin issuance patform Terra gained in total value locked (TVL), and it’s arguably close to flipping Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • Terra’s UST stablecoin is in competition with Ethereum’s DAI.
  • However, the platform’s governance token LUNA price could decline based on bearish technicals.

YEREVAN ( – LUNA coin price has logged impressive 55% gains in the previous week. Additionally, the platform gained 43% in TVL, which stood at $18 billion in the Tuesday session, a record high for Terra. The DeFi analytical platform DeFiLlama shows that without consideration of assets in Staking and Borrowing, Terra overtook BSC’s second rank.

Terra (LUNA) coin TVL. Source:

The latter’s TVL without Staking and Borrowing stood at 16.5, 8% lower than Terra. However, once Staking and Borrowing assets are taken into account, BSC’s TVL clocks in at over $21 billion, reclaiming the silver to Ethereum’s gold.

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Terra’s bull run was partially brought on by growing UST adoption. In hindsight, UST is Terra’s Stablecoin, pegged to the US dollar. It is the fifth stablecoin by market cap at $9.17 billion, closely following Ethereum’s DAI. In fact, the UST market cap saw a 19% increase month-to-date.

UST approached DAI in market cap.
UST approached DAI in market cap. Source: Stablecoins on

While UST aims to flip DAI in market cap, LUNA’s price eyed a 55% increase in the previous week. However, the daily chart flashed a bearish warning.

Terra LUNA price prediction

LUNA coin traded in a formation dubbed an Ascending Channel since mid-August. In detail, the Channel consists of two parallel trendlines that enclose the price action and drive the asset’s value up while the formation progresses. The setup does not predict a continuation bias. However, it is instrumental in foreseeing short-term price fluctuations.

In hindsight, CoinChapter forecasted a drop and a subsequent rally in its previous Terra LUNA price prediction on Dec 9. The prediction panned out, confirming the relevance of the Channel. Terra price charted at $81.7 in the European session Tuesday, close to the Channel’s upper resistance trendline.

Terra LUNA price prediction
Terra (LUNA) coin in an Ascending Channel. Source: LUNAUSDT on

Should the prediction pan out once again, the LUNA coin could decline by 36% and retest the support at approximately $54. The asset’s rally halted in the Tuesday session’s early hours, so far confirming the aforementioned scenario.

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Moreover, the chart above printed bearish relative strength index (RSI) and trading volume divergences. In hindsight, the RSI is a momentum indicator that reflects the traders’ expectations from the asset’s return potential.

A divergence occurs when the price action establishes higher highs, while there are lower highs on the RSI graph. Additionally, trading volume statistics drew a similar picture. The divergences indicate lowering interest in the asset and a possible decline ahead.

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Despite the growing Terra and UST adoption, the LUNA coin could decline in the upcoming weeks. However, the short-term bearish prediction does not color Terra’s rocketing TVL and firm position in the top 5 DeFi platforms.

Luna coin, LUNA Coin Price Analysis: Bearish Caveat Ahead, Amid Terra’s Growing TVL

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