Bitgert’s BRISE Coin Bias Uncertain Before the Airdrop End – 5% Up or Down?

Bitgert's BRISE coin bias uncertain before the airdrop end - 5% up or down?

YEREVAN ( – BRISE coin, the token of crypto engineering blockchain Bitgert, stood at $0.0000003521 (3.5e-7) on Jan 24. The digital asset gained 16% on Jan 23 but lost momentum and started Tuesday with uncertain technicals. So, what’s in store for the BRISE token in the coming sessions?

BRISE technicals conflicting

The digital asset’s four-hour chart shows strong ascending support preventing price depreciation since Jan 8. Additionally, the flat support line at $3.4e-7 assisted the BRISE coin in the recent uptrend. At the moment, both bullish and bearish scenarios have merit.

Bitgert (BRISE) four-hour chart. Source:
Bitgert (BRISE) four-hour chart. Source:

If the BRISE token bulls increase the buying pressure, the next target for the asset will stand at 3.6e-7, the recent resistance marked on the chart above. Meanwhile, the short-term bearish target for the BRISE coin stands at 3.4e-7, with a possibly another leg down to 3.3e-7, the ascending trendline mentioned above.

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The declining trading volumes in the previous days testify to the bearish outcome. However, the token’s Airdrop currently in progress might help the Bitgert price to stay afloat.

Bitgert fundaments seem bullish.

According to the latest Bitgert news, the blockchain currently Airdrops $250,000 worth of BRISE coin, since Jan 20. The Airdrop will end on Jan 30 at noon UTC. The team noted that participants must complete several steps to be eligible – follow the Bitgert blockchain on Twitter, comment and tag friends, and fill out a form on the website.

Bitgert fundaments seem bullish.

Airdropping is a popular method to raise awareness in the crypto sphere and promote a certain token. In detail, the project itself is not new and has operated on the Binance Chain since 2021. However, instead of using BNB for transactions, the team launched the Bitgert blockchain in 2022 and, subsequently, the BRISE token.

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Additionally, according to the Twitter feed, Bitgert scored several key partnerships in the last six months. “Every single partnership adds value to our ecosystem, which brings us credibility, larger partnerships, and value,” said the team.

bitgert has secured over 100 partnerships

The latest partnership announcement came on Jan 20. Mintpad, a Multi-Chain NFT minting platform, asserted it is ready to integrate Bitgert blockchain.

Mintpad App to integrate Bitgert chain

BRISE coin red flags

While the project advertises itself as the “next big thing” in crypto, there are several troubling signs that investors should be aware of before buying into Airdrops and other media hype.

The Bitgert project got into trouble in April 2022 for using fake AI-generated identities while representing the team. True, pseudonyms and hidden identities are quite common in crypto. However, it could be a red flag for a new project, as it has not established the loyal community and the required level of trust.

Additionally, Bitgert audited itself and its BRISE coin, concluding with a 98% security score. Therefore, the red flags are not concrete proof of BRISE being a scam. However, any potential BRISE coin trader should take catchy announcements with a grain of salt and do their research before deciding to invest.

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BRISE coin, Bitgert’s BRISE Coin Bias Uncertain Before the Airdrop End – 5% Up or Down?

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