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What is Chainlink and What does Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis Hold for the Future

Here is an exciting piece of Chainlink news relating to Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis that we thought of sharing. Read till the end to understand the Chainlink  better.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralized and open-source Oracle-based network of computers that provide real-world data to smart contracts on the Blockchain. The network ensures that you no longer experience the reliability issues associated with using a single centralized network. Link tokens are the native assets used to pay for the services on the Chainlink network.

Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis

Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis help you monitor the network’s past performance and assist in making close-to-accurate predictions for the future in terms of pricing, demand, and trading volumes.

A preliminary look at the Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis reveals some interesting Chainlink news. In June 2018, Link token price hit its first all-time high of $1.51. In June 2019, with Google announcing Chainlink as its official Cloud partner, Link token prices surged upwards by over 100%. Later in the same month, the token price increased to $4.3 when Chainlink was listed on Coinbase. The Covid-19 crisis brought the token price down to below $2. However, Chainlink soon fought back, and in August 2020, Link was trading at an all-time high of $52.448.

Forecast For 2021

Some skeptical forecasts based on Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis predict the Link token to trend between $20-$23 for the rest of the year 2021. More optimistic forecasts predict the token price to trend between $28-$43 for the same period.

Forecast For 2022

For the year 2022, the same skeptical reports predict the price to hover around the $44-$45 mark, with a high of $53.15. More optimistic reports expect the price to start at around $49 and end at approximately $55, with a high of $80.

Forecast Between 2023-2025

The same set of forecasts based on Chainlink Price Charts & Analysis predict the Link token price to begin the year 2023 at $58-$59 and end the year 2025 at $95-$96.

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